Development and Evaluation of Web-based Software to Efficiently Run Enhanced Recovery Surgery

Dimitri A Raptis, Peter Vasas, James Skipworth, Rachael Nakawungu, Christian E Oberkofler, Richard Cohen, Alistair Windsor


Enhanced recovery surgery (ERS) has revolutionised patient outcomes.  It involves a standardised peri-operative patient management regiment, leading to a reduction of length of stay, morbidity and mortality.  ERS requires extensive peri operative assessment accompanied by numerous investigations and data collection within restricted time.  For this reason, several units have allowed such services to be specialist nurse-led.  The purpose of this study was to develop and evaluate web-based intranet software in assisting the ERS service of our institution.

The use of an ERS software in conjunction with a nurse-led service is effective and important for the success of implementing an ERS scheme.  The improvement in practice resulted in a significant reduction of the length of hospital stay.  In the long term, with the availability of these software-generated data, clinicians will be provided to further evaluate and improve their practice.  Such specialised software tailored according to the needs of specific departments should be fully supported by the hospital management and the IT departments.  This approach provides information to allow evidence-based comparisons within different institutions and this open source software can act as a template to achieve this.


Enhanced Recovery; Surgery; Software; Complications

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