Cross-Canada EMR Case Studies: Analysis of Physicians’ Perspectives on Benefits and Barriers

Grace Paterson, Nicola Shaw, Andrew M Grant, Elisabeth Delisle, Kevin Leonard, Shelby Mitchell Corley, Maryan McCarrey, Bill Pascal, Nancy Kraetschmer


Objective: Our objective was to provide physicians with practical information on best practices and lessons learned with regards to implementation and use of electronic medical record (EMR) systems in ambulatory clinical practice settings. Methodology: A cross-Canada EMR study—the first of its kind—used case study methodology to investigate how EMRs were implemented and used in primary care. Knowledge transfer methods included print and web publications by the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) and a workshop. Results: The 20 case studies informed us in detail of the critical success factors for implementation. These were validated and augmented through a workshop. Conclusions: Electronic medical record (EMR) uptake in Canada and the US significantly lags behind other countries. Hence, there is a need to spread the good news about the actual benefits of EMRs to patients, physicians and the health care system and to mitigate barriers to EMR adoption and use.


Electronic Medical Records; Primary Health Care; Health Policy; Knowledge Transfer

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