An Exploratory Qualitative Study to Identify Factors that Influence the Use of Electronic Patient Journey Boards in Queensland Health

Raj Gururajan, Abdul Hafeez-Baig, Julie Sturgess, Kevin Clark, Vijaya Gururajan


Technology in the healthcare and use of Information and Communication technologies (ICT) in healthcare is on the rise among the developing economies. In spite of some limitations and limited use of ICT in the healthcare domain, ICT is expected to grow in the Australian Healthcare system. This research paper provides preliminary findings on views expressed by users regarding the use of Electronic Patient Journey Boards (EPJBs) in Queensland Health. Initial data was collected through a qualitative approach in order to understand the views of health professionals regarding EPJBs. This was achieved through interviews, brainstorming sessions and focus groups held with healthcare professionals who have used the EPJB and those who will be using EPJBs in the future. This qualitative data was analysed through the lens of three key critical variables, namely people, processes and technology. The preliminary findings show that these three variables are critical for the success of the use and implementation of EPJBs in the healthcare domain. Furthermore, this research paper was also able to identify factors that will have a significant influence on the implementation of a technology in a healthcare setting. This study is limited to Queensland Health and needs further research to test the findings of the study in order to apply the findings more generally.


Electronic Patient Journey Board; Patient Scheduling; Patient Information Flow

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