Networking an integrated palliative care information system across the care continuum

Peter A Cleasby, Ken Marr, Linda Watson, Shane Downing, Graham Raines


Community based Health Services have traditionally used electronic health information management systems (EHIMSs) that are different to, and have not interfaced with, inpatient EHIMSs. For an Australian regional Palliative Care Service that provided care to patients in a variety of facilities and community locations the lack of an EHIMS that traversed the continuum of care represented a barrier to efficient service delivery. Utilising a pre-existing inpatient EHIMS (Cerner Powerchart) a local solution was developed and implemented that addressed a number of key service requirements. These were that clinical documentation would be accessible to staff regardless of location and be accessible 24/7; that patient movements in and out of key facilities could be tracked in real time; that the Palliative Care record would be visible to other health care providers such as the Emergency Department and Primary Care practitioners; and that service reporting functionality would be automated. This networked integrated information system (NIIS) has successfully supported and enhanced the delivery of Palliative Care across the continuum of care.


Computerized Medical Records Systems; Palliative Care

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