Using a Client-Task Based Approach to Achieve a Privacy Compliant Access Control System

Leigh de la Motte, Jacky Hartnett


This article proposes a solution to the problem of assuring the privacy of low value client information such as that maintained by a hospital. The proposed solution involves the development of a compliant low-cost system. It is based on the fundamental requirement that such a system needs to provide integration, generalization and inbuilt consent. Integration brings together the technical, managerial and regulatory components of an organisation’s system. Generalization provides all the access control functionalities that are necessary for the system to be useful in a diverse range of organisations. Inbuilt consent ensures that data owners consent to the use of their personally identified data. The Integrated System proposed here uses a Client-Task approach. It is based on the observation that a client is not a user of the system yet has a form of ownership over their personally identified data held within the system. Furthermore, in industries such as health, professionals and managers often determine who has access rather than systems administrators.


Authorization; Tasks; Groups; Context; Roles

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