A Model Driven Approach to Care Planning Systems for Consumer Engagement in Chronic Disease Management

Abizer Khambati, Jim Warren, John Grundy, John Hosking


This work demonstrates a model-driven approach to the development of care plan systems, amenable to: (a) a flexible and extensible definition of care plan scope; and (b) deployment of care plan viewing and tracking functionality to a wide range of physical computing devices. The approach utilises a care plan domain model from which guideline implementers formulate care plan templates aligning to specific clinical guidelines. A clinical end user would subsequently constrain that template (e.g., selecting a subset of available activities and specific targets) to create a care plan instance for an individual patient. An XML care plan visualisation definition created using the Marama tool is transformed to OpenLaszlo script from which Shockwave Flash objects can be compiled, creating Flash applications that run on a variety of hardware for both clinical and patient users. The approach is illustrated with respect to an overweight and obesity guideline.


Health Care Planning; Mobile Health Applications, Model-driven Engineering; Electronic Health Records

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