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Call for Papers - Special Issue on Health Information & Knowledge Management

Guest Editors: Jim Warren and Anthony Maeder

Recent trends in eHealth have seen growing interest in improved management of health data, including aggregation of EHR contents from multiple sources and the use of EHRs in decision support settings, as well as improved knowledge extraction from health data through methods such as data mining and analysis of large scale datasets. Related issues such as use of web and cloud environments, security and privacy, data linkage and terminology/ontology development have also become more prominent. This Special Issue will present papers on recent research and innovation initiatives with emphasis on novel computing and information systems approaches.

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  • Submission of full papers: 6 Feb 2015 (Submit here)


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Vol 8, No 2 (2014): Special Issue on e-Health Informatics and Security

Special issue on e-Health Informatics and Security, guest-edited by Dr Trish Williams and Dr Lizzie Coles-Kemp

Table of Contents


Editorial – The Changing Face of ehealth Security PDF
Patricia A H Williams, Lizzie Coles-Kemp e10

Special Issue Papers

Accountable-eHealth Systems: The Next Step Forward for Privacy PDF
Randike Gajanayake, Bill Lane, Renato Iannella, Tony Sahama e11
Developing and Validating a Healthcare Information Security Governance Framework PDF
Rachel J Mahncke, Patricia A H Williams e12
Changing Places: The Need to Change the Start Point for Information Security Design PDF
Lizzie Coles-Kemp, Patricia Anne Helen Williams e13
Cloud Security meets Telemedicine PDF
Mike N Johnstone e14


Privacy Oriented Access Control for Electronic Health Records PDF
Randike Gajanayake, Renato Iannella, Tony Sahama e15
Challenges and Recommendations to Healthcare Data Exchange in an Interoperable Environment PDF
Shalini Bhartiya, Deepti Mehrotra e16
The Evolution, Use, and Effects of Personal Health Records: A Narrative Review PDF
Caroline R Zieth, Lichun Rebecca Chia, Mark S Roberts, Gary S Fischer, Sunday Clark, Melissa Weimer, Rachel Hess e17
Medical Student Experiences of a Smartphone-Delivered Drug Information Resource PDF
Jean-Pierre Calabretto, Josephine Thomas, Simone Rossi, Justin Beilby e18
Perception of End Users on I-Kelahiran in Sabah, Malaysia PDF
Baha Raja Dhesi, Whye Lian Cheah e19
Automatic Structured Reporting from Narrative Cancer Pathology Reports PDF
Ying Ou, Jon Patrick e20

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