Vol 6, No 1 (2011): Special Issue on HIC 2009

Frontiers of Health Informatics - Selected Proceedings of the 2009 Australian Health Informatics Conference (HIC), guest-edited by Vitali Sintchenko and Peter Croll.


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Frontiers of Health Informatics - Selected proceedings of the 2009 Health Informatics Conference PDF
Vitali Sintchenko, Peter Croll e0

Special Issue Papers

Building SNOMED CT Reference Sets for Use as Interface Terminologies PDF
David P Hansen, Marcel Giermanski, Monika Dujmovic, Josh Passenger, Michael J Lawley e1
A Preliminary Investigation of an Integration Tool to Improve Access to Information Resources in Clinical Software PDF
Jean-Pierre Calabretto, Bryn Lewis, James Reeve e2
Patients and Health Care Providers’ Concerns about the Privacy of Electronic Health Records: A Review of the Literature PDF
Nicola T Shaw, Anjali Kulkarni, Rebecca L Mador e3
A Preliminary Investigation of Complex Adaptive Systems as a Model for Explaining Organisational Change Caused by the Introduction of Health Information Systems PDF
Kieren Diment, Ping Yu, Karin Garrety e4
Intensive Care Unit Nurse Workflow During Shift Change Prior to the Introduction of a Critical Care Clinical Information System PDF
Nicola T Shaw, Mark A Ballermann, Reidar Hagtvedt, Sally Ho, Damon C Mayes, Noel Gibney e5
Benefits Measurement from the Use of an Automated Anaesthetic Record Keeping System (AARK) PDF
Sue McLellan, Mary Galvin, David McMaugh e6
Developing Measurements of the Quality of Electronic versus Paper-based Nursing Documentation in Aged Care Homes PDF
Ning Wang, Ping Yu, David Hailey, Deborah Oxlade e7
Efficacy of Electronic Discharge Summaries: A Case Study Demonstrating Early Results at Two Hospitals PDF
John Forsythe, Andria MacDonald, Emily Wilhelm, Melanie Strachan, David Evans e8
A SpatioTemporal Model for Seasonal Influenza PDF
Stefan Edlund, Michal Bromberg, Gabriel Chodick, Judith Douglas, Daniel Ford, Zalman Kaufman, Justin Lessler, Rachel Marom, Yossi Mesika, Roni Ram, Varda Shalev, James Kaufman e9
Dynamic Programming Algorithms for Discovery of Antibiotic Resistance in Microbial Genomes PDF
Manal Ezzat Helal, Vitali Sintchenko e10

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