Vol 6, No 2 (2011): Special Issue on Smart Healthcare Systems

Special Issue on Smart Healthcare Systems, guest-edited by Carsten Roecker and Anthony Maeder.

Table of Contents


User-Centered Design of Smart Healthcare Applications PDF
Carsten Röcker, Anthony Maeder e11

Special Issue Papers

Requirements and Design for Smart Healthcare Applications PDF
Duncan Stevenson e12
Gender Differences in Acceptance and Attitudes towards an Invasive Medical Stent PDF
Martina Ziefle, Anne Kathrin Schaar e13
Customising Pathology Report Design for Patient Use PDF
Suelette Dreyfus, Reeva Lederman, Stephen P Smith, Paul Monagle e14


Use of GIS in Maryland Environmental Public Health PDF
Min Qi Wang, John T Braggio, Betty J Dabney, Alice Fang Yan, Jed Miller, Rashid Malik, Valerie Agwale, Clifford S Mitchell e15
Regulation and Perception Concerning the Use of Health Data for Research in Australia PDF
Christine M O'Keefe, Chris Connolly e16
Functional Themes across Blogs, Wikis and Social Networking Sites relating to Pregnancy PDF
Jessica Ho e17
A Systematic Mechanism for the Collection and Interpretation of Display Format Pathology Test Results from Australian Primary Care Records PDF
Douglas Boyle, Fabian Kong e18
Development and Evaluation of Web-based Software to Efficiently Run Enhanced Recovery Surgery PDF
Dimitri A Raptis, Peter Vasas, James Skipworth, Rachael Nakawungu, Christian E Oberkofler, Richard Cohen, Alistair Windsor e19

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