Vol 7, No 1 (2012): Special Issue on HIC 2010

Selected proceedings of the 2010 Australian Health Informatics Conference, guest-edited by David Hansen, David Rowlands and Louise Schaper.

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Informing the Business of Healthcare - Selected Proceedings of the 2010 Health Informatics Conference PDF
David Hansen, David Rowlands, Louise Schaper e0

Special Issue Papers

The Quality of Routinely Collected Data: Using the "Principal Diagnosis" in Emergency Department Databases as an Example PDF
Siaw-Teng Liaw, Huei-Yang Chen, Della Maneze, Jane Taggart, Sarah Dennis, Sanjyot Vagholkar, Jeremy Bunker e1
Impact of a Clinical Information System on Multitasking in Two Intensive Care Units PDF
Mark Ballermann, Nicola T Shaw, Damon C Mayes, R T Noel Gibney e2
Assessment of Software Maintainability of openEHR Based Health Information Systems – A Case Study In Endoscopy PDF
Koray Atalag, Hong Yul Yang, Jim Warren e3
Mobile Digital Breast Screening: An Evaluation of the Queensland Experience PDF
Bob Russell, Alan David Taylor e4
A Qualitative Analysis of Emergency Department Nurses’ Perceptions of the Effects of an Integrated Clinical Information System PDF
Nerida Creswick, Joanne Callen, Julie Li, Andrew Georgiou, Grant Isedale, Louise Robertson, Richard Paoloni, Johanna I Westbrook e5
Helping Clinicians Identify the Clinical Utility of Genetic Tests PDF
Yulong Gu, Jim Warren, Karen Day e6
Using Virtual Worlds to Train Healthcare Workers - A Case Study Using Second Life to Improve the Safety of Inpatient Transfers PDF
Ann Merete Duedal Jensen, Merete Martlev Jensen, Anne Sofie Korsager, Mei-sing Ong, Farah Magrabi, Enrico Coiera e7
Structured Pathology Reporting for Cancer from Free Text: Lung Cancer Case Study PDF
Anthony Nguyen, Michael Lawley, David Hansen, Shoni Colquist e8
Agreeing on Meaning: A Fundamental of Sharing Health Information PDF
Michael John Lawley, David Hansen, Madonna Kemp, Deanne Vickers e9


Improving Informal Caregiver Engagement with a Patient Web Portal PDF
Steven Davis, Michelle Pigford, Jeremy Rich e10

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