Vol 8, No 1 (2014)

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Personal Health Records in Southeast Asia Part 1 – a Way to Computerize Healthcare? PDF
Lee Seldon e1
Personal Health Records in SE Asia Part 2 - A Digital Portable Health Record PDF
Lee Seldon, Hamid Moghaddasi, Wei Jye Seo, Shane Wee JoNah e2
Personal Health Records in Southeast Asia Part 3 - Communications with the CCR Standard PDF
Jofry H Sutanto, Lee Seldon e3
Resources for Medication Management in the Aged – What do Health Professionals Want? PDF
Paulina Stehlik, Pēteris Dārziņš, Jennifer L Marriott e4
Evaluation of Physiotherapists’ Documentation: a Retrospective Record Analysis before the Implementation of National Recommendations in the EHR system PDF
Kristiina Häyrinen e5
A Method for Matching Patients to Advanced Prostate Cancer Clinical Trials PDF
Amol Wagholikar, Anthony Nguyen, Maggie Fung e6
Uncovering Knowledge that Supports Malaria Prevention and Control Intervention Program in Ethiopia PDF
Geletaw Sahle, Million Meshesha e7
A Comparison of Intended and Real Use of a Research Web Health Portal and its Implementation PDF
Mikael Elf, Hans Rystedt, Ingela Skärsäter, Barbro Krevers e8
From Web-Based to Mobile: Experiences of Developing a Personally Controlled Health Management System PDF
Marleen Biederer, Amaël Arguel, Jingbo Liu, Annie Y.S. Lau e9

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