Vol 2, No 1 (2007): Special Issue on Aged Care Informatics

Special Issue on Aged Care Informatics, guest-edited by Jeffrey Soar, Moya Conrick, and Mark Barnett.

Table of Contents


Guest editors' introduction to special issue on aged care informatics PDF
Jeffrey Soar, Moya Conrick, Mark Barnett e0

Special Issue Papers

Caring for the future: The impact of technology on aged and assisted living (Invited Paper) PDF
Graeme Philipson, Jann Roberts e1
Visions and realities: developing 'smart' homes for seniors in Sweden PDF
Anna Essén, Moya Conrick e2
Reducing avoidable hospital admissions of the frail elderly using intelligent referrals PDF
Jeffrey Soar, Trudy Yuginovich, Frank Whittaker e3
Evaluation of a web enabled care planning and documentation system within aged care settings PDF
Bill Koch e4
Innovative approaches and processes for capturing expert aged care knowledge for multiple purposes PDF
Evelyn JS Hovenga, Sebastian Garde, Tineke Carr, Carola M Hullin e5

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