Vol 3, No 1 (2008): Special Issue on Privacy and Security

Guest Edited by Peter R Croll.

Table of Contents


Special Issue: Health Information Privacy and Security PDF
Peter R Croll e0

Special Issue Papers

An Encrypted Email Application for Paediatric and Adolescent Mental Health Teleconsultations PDF
Liam Joseph Caffery, Stephen Stathis, Anthony C Smith e1
Secure Document Circulation: An Architecture for e-Health PDF
Shane Bracher, Padmanabhan Krishnan e2
Strengthening Legal Compliance for Privacy in Electronic Health Information Systems: A Review and Analysis PDF
Vicky Liu, Lauren May, William Caelli, Peter Croll e3
Using a Client-Task Based Approach to Achieve a Privacy Compliant Access Control System PDF
Leigh de la Motte, Jacky Hartnett e4
Privacy and the Use of Health Data - Reducing Disclosure Risk PDF
Christine M O'Keefe e5
Current Developments of k-Anonymous Data Releasing PDF
Jiuyong Li, Hua Wang, Huidong Jin, Jianming Yong e6
Clinician assessments of workplace security training- an informatics perspective PDF
Juanita Fernando, Linda Dawson e7
Online Reputation Systems for the Health Sector PDF
Audun Jøsang e8


Designing digital documents to support medication management PDF
Jean-Pierre Calabretto, Paula Swatman e9

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