Vol 3, No 2 (2008): Special Issue on Health Information Systems

Guest-edited by Brian Corbitt, Jeffrey Soar and Judith Symonds.

Table of Contents


Health Information Systems PDF
Brian Corbitt, Jeffrey Soar, Judith Symonds e10

Special Issue Papers

Motivation and Demotivation: a Case Study of the Malawian Health Management Information System PDF
Gro Alice Hamre, Jens Kaasbøll e11
Understanding GP Attitudes Towards A Data Amalgamating Health Informatics System PDF
John Knight, Margaret Patrickson, Bruce Gurd e12
Reactions and Perceptions of Healthcare Professional Towards Wireless Devices In Healthcare Environment In The Developing World: A Case Of Pakistan PDF
Raj Gururajan, Abdul Hafeez-Baig, Don Kerr e13
Model-driven Service Engineering in Home Telecare PDF
Christian Flender, Michael Rosemann e14
Towards a comprehensive understanding of health information needs PDF
Basil Alzougool, Shanton Chang, Kathleen Gray e15

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